Andrew in his natural state; dressed as a wizard.

Andrew Sherman

Hello! I'm a Podcaster, Streamer, and Game Designer from Northern Kentucky currently living in Ann Arbor. I'm currently looking to grow as a creator and work with exciting people on new projects!

Andrew in his natural state; dressed as a wizard.


I'm a tabletop game designer looking to turn my passion toward mechanical and narrative design and experience working in Software QA into a career in Video Games. I've designed games using Chess Boards, Playing Cards, NERF Guns, and Interactive Web Pages and I'm excited to explore new areas of game design. I'm also a big fan of Baja Blast.

I'm also a variety streamer who regularly streams Pokemon, Ring Fit Adventure, and various Tactics Games like Battletech and XCOM. I've hosted and participated in a variety of charity streams, and planning the Orange Groves Extra Life streams is always the highlight of my year.


I host a variety of shows and would be excited to guest on yours! The ARGonauts Podcast, Champs in the Making, and Wik-EEK!-Pedia are produced through The Orange Groves while The Podcast Mines: There But For the Grace Of Pod Go We does not currently have a network.

In addition to hosting my own shows I also love guesting on other podcasts! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you are looking for a guest! You can find episodes I've guested on below.

Andrew in his natural state; dressed as a wizard.


The best way to get ahold of me is through Twitter, but please feel free to reach out via email as well! I'd love to guest on more shows and streams or collaborate on a project together!